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ERROR October 2009

Tougher scrutiny for home loans - 19 October 2009
Borrowers face a mortgage affordability test from lenders amid plans by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to step up the regulation of home loans.

August 2009

Are house prices now on the rise? - 05 August 2009
The worst is over and house prices are rising again. That is the interpretation some people are putting on the recent house price surveys from the Nationwide building society and the Halifax, two of the UK's biggest lenders.

March 2009

House price decline accelerates - 27 March 2009
House prices are falling even faster than before in England and Wales, according to the Land Registry.

House prices fall, leading to a record annual rate of decline, Halifax reveals - 05 March 2009
House prices are falling at the fastest rate on record, figures from Britain's biggest mortgage lender shows.

February 2009

House prices fall to April 2004 levels, says Nationwide - 26 February 2009
House prices have fallen back to April 2004 levels, with the average slipping below £150,000 for the first time in nearly five years, according to Nationwide, the country's largest building society.

'Don't ignore the threat of repossession' - 20 February 2009
This year, it is estimated up to 75,000 homes will be repossessed in the UK.

Home repossessions rise to 40,000 - 20 February 2009
The number of homes in the UK repossessed by lenders rose last year by 54% to 40,000, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

January 2009

House prices 'fall to 2004 level' - 02 January 2009
The average price of a UK home has fallen to levels not seen since August 2004, according to the Halifax.

December 2008

House prices 'will fall further' - 24 December 2008
House prices will probably fall by another 10% in the coming year, predicts the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics).

Mortgage arrears 'to hit 500,000' - 18 December 2008
Mortgage lenders predict the recession will lead to a huge rise in arrears among their borrowers in 2009.

UK house prices 'to fall by 30%' - 15 December 2008
The head of Barclays bank has predicted that economic gloom will deepen, with house prices to fall in total by 30%.

House sellers are out on strike - 14 December 2008
Owners are pulling properties off the market to avoid a price hit - and new Hip rules could make things worse

House sales 'are still falling' - 09 December 2008
Property sales fell even further in November, according to the latest survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics).

November 2008

Home Economics: Alistair Darling must act quickly - 30 November 2008
Sir James Crosby's suggestions on mortgage finance must be acted on to improve the housing market crisis

How low will house prices go in 2009? - 17 November 2008
This past year will go down as the one in which the property market raced from boom to bust.

Facing up to house price deja vu - 07 November 2008
Faced with a nosedive in UK house prices, some homeowners are suggesting we learn from the past to prepare for the future.

October 2008

Blow for new mortgage borrowers - 10 October 2008
The number of mortgage products available to new borrowers hit its lowest figure since the start of the credit crunch, according to Moneyfacts.

Further decline in house prices - 9 October 2008
UK house prices registered a 1.3% fall in September, according to the Halifax.

The ins and outs of equity release - 4 October 2008
Millions of "cash-poor, property-rich" pensioners are surviving on meagre retirement incomes, but living in homes which have soared in value since the property boom.

Homeowners 'stop taking equity' - 3 October 2008
UK homeowners have stopped cashing in on the value of their homes, according to figures from the Bank of England.

First-time buyers welcome crash - 2 October 2008
House prices have fallen for 11 months in a row with lender Nationwide warning of "difficult" times ahead, but many first-time buyers are quietly counting their blessings.

August 2008

Estate agents selling just one house a week - 12 August 2008 The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) said the number of properties sold had dropped to its lowest level since records began in 1978.

UK home repossessions rise by 48% - 8 August 2008
The number of properties repossessed by mortgage lenders in the UK has risen by 48% in the past year.

House prices 'fell 1.7% in July' - 7 August 2008
The house price slump continued in July according to the latest monthly report from the Halifax.

Warning as mortgage arrears rise - 5 August 2008
Mortgage firms should treat customers fairly as the number of homeowners facing arrears and repossessions rises, the UK's financial watchdog has said.

July 2008

House prices falling at fastest rate since 1990s - 11 July 2008
House prices are falling at the fastest rate since the 1990s crash and have shed almost £20,000 from their peak values last summer, according to the latest house price survey.

UK house prices in grip of slump that experts expect to deepen - 1 July 2008
Britain is in the grip of a housing slump as bad as at any stage since the 1970s, property experts warned, as data suggested that first time buyers had all but disappeared from the market.

June 2008

House prices to fall more than 25pc as BBA warns on mortgages - 25 June 2008
House prices are set to lose a quarter or more of their value, experts have warned after a "shocking" fall in property market activity.

Figures show plunge in home sales - 23 June 2008
The number of UK property sales has fallen by 32% this year, according to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

No let-up in mortgage squeeze - 19 June 2008
There has been no let-up in the mortgage squeeze, according to the latest figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

House prices 'to fall 9% in 2008' - 19 June 2008
HBOS, the UK's biggest mortgage lender, has forecast that UK house prices are set to fall by 9% this year.

Thousands facing negative equity - 10 June 2008
More than 23,200 people who took out 100% mortgages in the year to 31 March could face negative equity, according to figures obtained by the BBC.

UK home prices 'fell 2.4% in may' - 5 June 2008
UK house prices dropped by 2.4% in May, according to a report by the Halifax, Britain's biggest mortgage lender.

May 2008

House price falls 'accelerating'- 29 May 2008
House prices have recorded their largest monthly fall since 1991, says the Nationwide building society.

CML predicts 7% house price fall - 21 May 2008
The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has predicted a 7% drop in UK house prices during 2008.

Surveyors warns of home sales fall- 19 May 2008
Property sales may fall by 40% this year because of the credit crunch, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has warned.

April 2008

As safe as houses? Britain's home truths - 13 April 2008
In a turbulent week for mortgages and interest rates, IoS experts explain how the bubble burst and advise on avoiding the worst of the fallout. And ex-Chancellor Ken Clarke tells Personal Finance Editor Julian Knight how he can say 'I told you so'

Housing market: on the slide or holding up? The one certainty is the uncertainty - 9 April 2008
Martin Ellis, chief economist at Halifax, said: “There are big regional variations across the UK, so it’s difficult to talk about a UK market in general. But all regions have seen a slowdown in growth over the past year, so they are all subject to the same economic pressures.” Mr Ellis said that prices in Wales and the West Midlands had fallen sharply because the gains of recent years made it increasingly difficult for borrowers to afford a mortgage.

House price growth slowest since 1996 - 8 April 2008
House prices are now lower on average than they were a year ago, Halifax, the UK’s biggest mortgage lender, said on Tuesday in a report that invited parallels with the 1990s housing slump and fuelled hopes of a cut in interest rates this week.

House prices see 'sharp decline' - 8 April 2008
House prices fell by 2.5% in March, the biggest monthly decline since September 1992, much more than many analysts had forecast, the Halifax has said.

Mortgage squeeze 'to get worse' - 3 April 2008
The squeeze on the availability of mortgages is expected to continue in the next three months, the Bank of England has warned.

March 2008

Housing market gloom deepened in February - 11 March 2008
The gloom in the housing market continued to worsen last month with price drops approaching those of the slump of the 1990s, according to data from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics).

February 2008

At-risk homeowners urged to contact lenders - 11 February 2008
Immediate action is required from homeowners who feel they are at risk of having their home repossessed this year, the UK's biggest-selling consumer finance magazine has warned.

December 2007

Property slowdown 'could hit first time buyers' - 6 December 2007
Contrary to some hopes that a slowdown in the property market could result in more people being able to get onto the bottom rung of the ladder, it has been claimed that the current circumstances could be bad news for first time buyers.

November 2007

House prices 'face 2008 slowdown' - 16 November 2007
House price growth is set to stall next year as the market witnesses a "significant slowdown", building society Nationwide has warned.

October 2007

House prices 'now slowing down'- 26 October 2007
Further evidence has been published that house prices are slowing down in England and Wales.

Lenders withdraw mortgage rates - 17 October 2007
UK lenders have withdrawn 40% of their mortgage deals in the past three months, according to the financial information company Moneyfacts.

Britain's deflating buy-to-let bubble - 11 October 2007
It sounds too good to be true. Take out a mortgage to buy a property and then, while the rent covers the mortgage repayments, the capital value of the property increases year on year.

August 2007

Hips extended to three-bed homes- 17 August 2007
The government has said it will extend its Home Information Pack scheme (Hips) to cover three-bedroom homes in England and Wales from 10 September 2007.

Young shun mortgages in boost for buy-to-let - 15 August 2007
Rising house prices, coupled with a cultural shift, are encouraging potential first-time buyers to eschew the property market...

First-time buyers borrow record amounts - 14 August 2007
First-time buyers are taking on record levels of debt to get a foothold on the housing ladder as rising house prices stretch affordability, figures showed today.

June 2007

Mortgage lending 'slowing down' - 20 June 2007 Mortgage lending is slowing down as the property market cools off, says the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

Housing demand is in danger of hitting a brick wall - 15 June 2007
After years of falling housebuilding, the number of new homes coming on to the market is finally picking up. But as property supply gradually starts to improve, it seems another problem could be brewing.

Millions could be paying off mortgages in old age - 1 June 2007
Millions of people could still be paying off mortgages when they are pensioners, experts believe, as spiralling property prices force first-time buyers to postpone their purchases and fund them over longer periods.

Homes 'to cost ten times salary' - 7 June 2007
UK house prices could rise to the equivalent of 10 times average salaries by 2026, a newly-established government think tank has said.

House prices rise at slowest pace this year - 7 June 2007
Recent rises in the cost of borrowing have started to temper activity in the housing market, Halifax said on Thursday, as it revealed prices rose in May at the slowest pace so far this year.

Moves to help house buyers - 6 June 2007
Attempts to ease the pain of beleaguered first-time buyers will intensify on Thursday with the launch of a centre that will press planners to make affordability a criterion for all new developments.

April 2007

What will happen next to house prices? - 12 April 2007
Whether the UK housing market booms or goes bust is as about as hot a conversation topic as you can get.

February 2007

Housing demand 'starting to wane' - 28 February 2007
Recent rises in UK interest rates are beginning to have an impact on homebuyers, the Nationwide has said.

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