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Search online for companies to buy my house fast and you will immediately come across a large number of firms offerering to help. But how can you be sure which firm is working with your best interests at heart? Here we explain the most important things to consider when selling a property fast.

The Hassle-Free way to Sell Your House Fast

They say the average house sale can take anything between 3 – 6 months to complete. And so we understand you will be looking at speed as the main reason for choosing a fast property sale. As professional homebuyers our service is built around exactly this. We offer the quickest way to sell your house fast with the minimum of fuss. Rather than face the uncertainties of selling via a traditional estate agent we offer a secure route to a quick house sale. Instead of waiting for viewers to visit your house and make offers we can make a cash offer immediately. What’s more we can do this without visiting your home. Selling to National Property Buyers is the hassle free way to sell a property quick.

A Guaranteed house sale in just 28 days

We typically buy property in just 28 days but are also more than happy to arrange a timescale to suit you. However, if you need more time to make a move or to coincide with a relocation we are ready to help.

We even pay your solicitors fees!

We know that selling a property can be an expensive game. This is why we have always offered to help pay your solicitors fees. Rather than having to find money to start the process we will step in and help with a cash payment to your chosen solicitor. No more having to scratch around.

Buy My House regardless of situation

We understand that you are looking for a company to buy my house cash in exchange for a guaranteed sale. We have been buying property quick for over 20 years. As such we have all the necessary experience to help a quick house sale become a reality. Every day we help homeowners who are looking to sell a property fast for a wide variety of reasons including:

We know how difficult it can be when faced with the need to find a firm to buy my house fast. This is why our team will offer a sympathetic ear as you look at the possibility of selling a property fast. Whatever the situation we are here to help with a simple way to sell and most importantly at a timescale to suit you.

Buy My House regardless of condition

Some homeowners are naturally concerned over the current state of their home. They worry about buyers poking around when searching for someone to buy my house. Some worry that their property needs a new kitchen or bathroom. Others worry about the state of their drives, gardens or windows. If you have these worries have no fear, we buy any house regardless of condition. Whether your property needs a light refurbishment or major overhaul we are happy to buy your property fast. Our team of builders, decorators, joiners, plumbers and electricians have seen it all.

Carry out important checks

First and foremost our buyers strongly recommend that you seek references from house buying companies. Check that they have been operating for some time and as a result have genuine experience in buying houses fast. If they have been doing things right and treating customers fairly you will have no problem in obtaining legitimate references from happy customers. And if they have not been doing things right you will certainly here about it!

When looking to sell your house fast you should also check that the firm is registered with the Property Redress Scheme as this is the body that all professional companies belong to. This is the office you would need to refer any formal complaint to in the event that you are not able to resolve it direct with the firm. You should also check that the firm subscribes to Trading Standard’s Code of Practice which seeks to ensure that customers are treated fairly and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to see that any information you provide is both protected and treated with the utmost of respect.

Buy my house fast

Why Sell to National Property Buyers?

Here at National Property Buyers we have been buying property for many years. We help people sell their property for a wide variety of reasons including divorce and separation, financial difficulties, relocation or emigration, ill health and even as reluctant landlords growing tired of the on-going need to maintain their property.

Selling your property fast to National Property Buyers is a simple and straightforward process. Thanks to the systems we have in place we can buy your property in just a matter of days.

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