Researching how to sell your house fast often throws up many surprises. It’s true to say that property sales move quite slowly in the UK. In fact, the average UK house sale takes around 16 weeks! If you’re keen to sell your house and move on with the next phase in your life, you probably want things to happen more quickly than this. To be frank, selling a property is one of the most stressful things we can encounter at a time we just want to get on. Put simply, there are just so many unknowns.

In our latest blog, we look at how to sell your house fast. We look at what could hold up a sale and the things you can do to help ensure things run smoothly.

Getting your house ready for a quick sale


how to sell your house fastSpring is now in the air, a traditional time for sellers to put houses on the market. The warmer weather of April and May certainly brings buyers outside. And we benefit from nights’ drawing out and longer days as a result. All of this puts a spring step in the housing market. The good news is that homes tend to look better during viewings on these brighter days.

Property website says Spring is the most popular time of the year for house sales. “It means that you can be in your new home by the Summer and the enthusiasm from the New Year is still in the air,” they say in one article.  “The Easter Bank Holiday acts as an inflexion point, giving people more time to view, to consider their options and make decisions.” Gardens are also back in bloom by Spring. In terms of selling at this time of year, property website Prime Location says this can be a good choice because of the busier housing market.

But is your property ready to go on to market? If not, it may be time for a spring clean and to de-clutter your home ready to show to potential buyers.

Remember that first impressions count strongly. The “curb appeal” of your property is of paramount importance. Try to see your property as a potential buyer would as they pull up outside for the first time.

You may need to do some work, so your house looks as good as possible. In terms of how to sell your house fast, think about:

  • Tidying up your garden including weeding and planting new plants and flowers. Especially if your garden has been left over the Winter
  • If you do have wooden windows, a Summer house or garden shed, Painting (or touching up) could make that all important first impression count.
  • Check that guttering, roof tiles and outside fixtures are all in good order
  • Tidy away – or throw away – any old garden furniture or things that make your house look untidy or unkept
  • Ensure there aren’t piles of flyers discarded newspapers hanging around. And the doorstep, including the door mat, should be tidy and welcoming
  • Be sure your outside light works, to make the front of your house bright and welcoming
  • If you have a drive, make sure this is in good repair. Allow space on it for your buyer to pull up onto your drive. If you don’t have the space to park your cars consider parking a round the corner to give your viewers the space to do so.

Don’t ignore the interior of your property

Potential buyers want to come inside too, of course. And the interior of your home will affect how you sell your house fast (or not). They say that a viewer will form their first impression in the first 10 seconds of walking through the door. And so it makes sense to take the time to make your house as welcoming as possible from the outset.

Again, try to see things through the eyes of a potential buyer who has never been to your house. Interior walls may benefit from a new coat of paint. Kitchens and bathrooms should be both clean and staged with a good range of furniture and accessories. This helps potential buyers envisage how they could live in the property. Too much furniture in a room can make it feel crowded and put buyers off. Remember, early impressions count when you think about how to sell your house fast.

Draw back curtains and let in the light and e sure to switch on the lights. It’s surprising just how big a difference lighting can make on the viewers impression of your home. And although it may seem strange at first, try to arrange for and children and family pets to be either outside or to visit friends during the viewing so as to be in with the best chance of creating a sea of calm. In short, try to ensure your house is warm, bright, tidy and welcoming when buyers come around.

How to sell your house fast for any reason

For some of us time is not on our side. We just need to sell fast in order to move on with life.

What if you own a property with problems that are making it slow to sell? For example, your house is tired or a bit run-down?

Or perhaps there are issues with your property that would make it difficult for a high street estate agent to sell. These could include having problem tenants, the risk of flooding (a real issue in some parts of the UK), Japanese Knotweed or even structural problems. Our Ultimate Guide to selling a problem property has more advice on this.

Perhaps you are up against a deadline and need a quick sale? This may be because of a divorce or bereavement, or because you are moving abroad.

What about a cash house buyer?

There are alternatives that can be faster than using a traditional estate agent to sell your house.

Cash house buying companies could buy your property quickly and often in less than a month. But be warned, not all house buying companies are the same. Whilst selling to professional homebuyers will provide certainty bear in mind this will come at a cost as they will typically only offer 75 – 80% of the value of your home.

In summary

They say that selling a property can be one of the most stressful things we can encounter. But it needn’t be this way. Having made the decision to sell you’ll no doubt have a strong reason for doing so. Bear this in mind when deciding how to sell your house fast. And if you feel a high street agent simply won’t get the job done quickly enough consider looking at one of the house buying companies that exist for this very purpose.

Has this article helped you understand how to sell your house fast? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.