offer for your propertyHomeowners looking to sell my house fast would be forgiven for being confused when selling a property. In today’s housing market, achieving an offer on your property that’s equal to the asking price is something of a science. The value of a property is affected by a variety of factors, including location and condition. However, ultimately the value is really determined by what someone is willing to pay. Regardless, there are ways you can ensure you earn the best offer for your property.

Follow our top tips to guarantee you get the offer you want for your property:

Estate Agents

Estate agents can be a real asset when trying to sell your house quickly. If you choose the right agent, homeowners searching to sell my house fast can do well and most importantly sell to the right buyer. However, all agents are different, with differing focusses and understanding of potential homebuyers. Choose an agent that works on properties similar to yours to gain the best experience and expertise. Remember to be aware of any long period lock-in clauses and high fees.

Getting the best fee

There are plenty of estate agents around, so don’t just settle with the first one you find. You should be looking for a ‘one per cent’ fee as a maximum and a lock in period of ‘one week after written notice is received’ according to Additionally, let your agent do any negotiating before it gets personal. They know how to get the best offer for your property, so leave them to do what they do best. Sit back and relax.

Time frames

The first month of being on the market typically attracts the most interest from potential homebuyers. It is important to consider the time-frame you know you will be working towards. Are you in a rush to sell? If the first month has passed and you still haven’t had an offer, you may need to drop the price. You should recognise the right time to do this because waiting too long may leave the property appearing stale. Check current asking prices of similar properties in your area to get an idea of changes in the current market.

Know the market when looking to sell my house fast

Everyone knows property buyers should do research before making an offer, but sellers can also benefit from doing so too. To get a good idea of the value of your property when looking to sell my house fast, you should look at a variety of sources. A good starting place is on property websites. You can find the exact prices that properties sold for in your street here. Then speak to a number of local estate agents to discover your property’s real value. Do some extra investigating yourself by asking what similar sized houses around you have sold for.

Give homebuyers what they want

A messy or smelly house is a massive turn off to the majority of property buyers. If you want to get the best offer for your property, make sure the small things are considered too. An easy way to get higher offers is through genuine love for your property. A clean house will encourage homebuyers to visualise the space as their new home. Not only will this increase the number of offers you get for your property, it will also speed up the process of selling. Your estate agent will have knowledge about each potential buyer, and can offer advice about the most suitable option. Sometimes the best buyer hasn’t got the highest offer, but their commitment might make up for it. If someone is a cash buyer or has no chain, they’re offer may protect you from being let down later on. Listen to your agent when it comes to this, because they will recognise warning signs that you might miss.

Another option to sell my house fast

If you want a guaranteed cash offer for your property, consider companies that buy houses.

In summary

If you do decide to sell via a traditional estate agent be sure to price your property to sell quickly. This could greatly improve your chances of selling fast. Selling your house to a home buying company could enable you to sell in record time but for a reduced price.

To sell your house faster still, contact the team at National Property Buyers. We could help you sell your home in just a few short weeks and without all of the fuss.

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