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How to Sell your House due to Ill Health

Most of us take our general well being for granted, that is until you are suddenly faced with ill health and the need to sell your house quickly. While few of us bargain on this happening to us, suffering from poor health can create unexpected problems.

Aside from the worry about managing your condition, other concerns include paying everyday household bills.

But even if your – or your family’s – situation looks bleak, try not to worry, there is always a solution. In this guide we offer suggestions on how to sell your house due to ill health.

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Make a plan

Before deciding to sell your property quickly, sit down and make a plan. Look at all your health needs and those of your family. Think carefully about how you will meet these. Things to consider could include:

The cost of your health needs

Do you need medicines, or have you become less mobile than before? What are your specific needs? Do you require any extra help with day-to-day living? Do you have a health insurance policy that may help? Healthcare costs can be considerable, so write down a realistic figure for the monthly cost. The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) provides free advice on when the NHS may be responsible for providing ongoing free healthcare. This is known as continuing care. There are also links to other information about care from Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

How suitable is your home for your future needs?

Does your house need changes to accommodate your new lifestyle? If there are many stairs within the property, will you need a stair lift? Are these things practical? How will you pay for them?

Future needs

Think about what doctors have told you about your condition and how it may change over time. Whilst this in not an easy task it is best to be realistic. How will you manage your condition? Will your health get better, stay the same or get worse? Will your current property be suitable for your needs as the years go by?

Can anyone else help you?

Do any family members or close friends live nearby? Do you think they could give you support on a regular basis? Are you willing to tell them about your condition? Or do you live some distance away from close family and friends?

Think long-term

Moving home can be stressful at the best of times and not something you want to do without real consideration. There can be a lot of costs, paperwork and effort involved. Don’t be rushed into moving from your current home. It may be the case that your current home won’t always be suitable due to your health condition. But if you do move, be sure that any new property will fully meet your needs for years to come. If your health is poor, the last thing you would want is to be forced to move again quickly.

Need to down-size?

This may not always be the case. But depending on your circumstances, moving out of house into smaller, easier-to-maintain property might make sense. Weigh up all the options. While selling your home may be a good option, you need to protect your main asset.

Ways of selling your property quickly

If you do decide you need to sell your home, using a traditional estate agent could take months. Do you have the energy and time to manage what could be a lengthy process? There are other ways to sell a property these days.

Cash buying service

A professional property buyer could help you achieve a faster sale than a traditional esate agent. You may end up with a large cash sum which could be invested in your future care. However, not all house buying companies provide the same level of service. Be sure to take sound advice on choosing the right company to buy your house quickly. You need a company that will provide you with peace of mind and clear communication in all their dealings with you.

Helping Rose out

*Rose had been living happily in her house for 35 years. But suddenly, her health took a turn for the worse. (*We’ve changed her real name to protect her privacy).

Due to her joint problems, she could no longer manage the stairs inside her property. She tried selling via an estate agent but agreeing a sale in this manner went on for several months. At the same time, her health got worse, which became an extra worry.

However, a solution that worked was at hand. Her daughter contacted a cash house buyer to sell Rose’s home so she could move somewhere more suitable and quickly. Rather than wait longer, within a few weeks the buying company had arranged for Rose to sell her house. This happened with the minimum of fuss.

A happy outcome

With the funds she secured from the sale of her home, Rose is now living comfortably and with peace of mind in assisted accommodation.

While Rose’s story had a happy outcome, sadly not everyone in the market is committed to looking after their customers.

Don’t be rushed into selling your property

There are plenty of companies offering to buy your home quickly. You may well have seen their websites.

But just because you are ill, don’t be rushed into making a decision you are uncomfortable with. Instead, do some research into the companies in the market before you choose a suitable one. Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions, to ensure your interests are protected.

Top five questions to ask as you look to sell your house due to ill health

  1. Do they have immediate access to funds? Any house buying company should be able to demonstrate this before any sale agreement goes through. Failure to be able to show proof of funds would be a very worrying sign. As would getting a hostile response when you ask.
  2. What is the typical timescale for a sale? An important question to ask. Your cash home buyers should carry out a new valuation of your home before making you an offer.
  3. What fees and charges are there? The company should be upfront about this from the start. Charges do differ, but some home-buyers do no charge any fees.
  4. Are there typically delays? When a quick sale is needed, people turn to cash house buyers. But watch out, if the process drags on too long, using this kind of buyer may not have been worthwhile. Using these companies will generate less money for the sale than using a traditional estate agent.
  5. Will the offer price be subject to change? Or will it be fixed? Price is the most important aspect in any property sale. Before you agree to a formal sale, always ask about whether the price will change. And don’t be bullied into selling your property quickly for a cash price.

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