Sell your house fastWe’re often asked the what it takes to sell property fast. The simple answer is that it boils down to just a few things.

So what can sellers do to help ensure that someone will buy my house fast and in the shortest time? After ten years as one of the leading companies that buy houses we list our five top tips.

Top Five tips

  1. Condition

    Remember first impressions count and this goes for selling property fast too. It’s often said that a buyer will form their view of your property in the first 30 seconds. Help your potential buyer see the best in your house by ensuring everything is in it’s place. A clean and tidy house is our number one tip to sell your house fast.

  2. Photography

    It’s true what they say – a picture paints a thousand words. And so take the time to ensure that your photographs are the best you can achieve. Ask a favour of a friend with a passion for photography or consider using a professional.

  3. Kerb Appeal

    Bear in mind that many buyers will take a drive past your house a day or two before the scheduled viewing. This will be to suss out the neighbourhood and to get a first glimpse of how your property looks. Take the time to ensure your front garden is looking it’s best with a freshly cut lawn and weed free borders. Find out a great deal more in this great article written by The Independent.

  4. Peace and quiet

    As property buyers we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve walked into a property to be jumped upon by a dog or faced with teenagers still lying in bed. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer who will want peace and quiet to be able to take in the property. Help put your viewer at ease.

  5. Price

    Last but not least be realistic about the value of your home. Take the time to reflect on how much neighbouring properties have sold for. Be careful not to be drawn in by estate agents overvaluing your property to win your instruction!

In summary

Selling a property quick is not rocket science. You simply have to spend some time making your home presentable and make sure you price it carefully.

If you do decide you simply want a quick house sale contact National Property Buyers and our team will do all they can to help.

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