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Cash House Buyers – How we work

Did you know the idea of selling your house via cash house buyers is nothing new? In fact, quick house sale companies have been operating in the UK since the 1950’s. These very same businesses have been helping many thousands of homeowners just like you sell your property quickly. It’s only since the internet was invented that as property buyers agents it became possible to set up shop online. UK estate agents have been feeling the pinch ever since. Today, when it comes to selling a property quickly you could do a lot worse than consider cash house buyers.

So how do property buying companies work?

Put simply, property buyers do all of the leg work for you. Gone are the days when you had to arrange for an estate agent to sell your house. For many homeowners this has become a necessary evil. Today it’s possible to arrange a house sale from the comfort of your own home direct with cash property buyers. This process has been made a whole lot safer thanks to the OFT (Office of Fair Trading).

Step 1 – Getting a Free valuation

Our property buying service is simple and breaks down into just 3 easy steps. It starts from as soon as you enter your details into our online form. From here we are able to arrange a cash offer for your property within just 24 hours. Bear in mind that this offer will be for less than the true market value of your property. Just as any typical house sale, our offer will also be subject to survey. After all, we must buy well in order to operate as a profitable business.

Step 2 – Receive instant cash offer

From this point one of our friendly team will call you to ask if our cash offer is of interest. But don’t worry – we don’t use high pressure sales techniques. Instead, we understand that you may want time to make a considered decision. If our offer is not for you then we understand and will leave it at that.

Step 3 – A Quick House Sale in just weeks

Should you decide to go ahead with our indicative offer we will instruct a RICS survey. This will be carried out by a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The survey will be at our cost and will help to determine the true value of your property. From here we are able to check the details of the valuation and make any adjustment to our final offer. We will of course provide you with a copy of the survey for complete transparency. You are then free to decide if you still wish to proceed with a quick sale of your property.

Provided you are happy to continue with the sale we will instruct our solicitors. At the same time we will also pay your legal fees up to the value of £1000.00. Our in-house team will then progress your sale to completion in just a matter of weeks.

Reasons you may be looking to sell your house quickly

There are many reasons why people decide to sell a house fast to a property buying company. Some of these are driven emotionally and others are purely for practical reasons. The top reasons we hear from people looking to sell a house fast include:

cash property buyers

When privacy matters selling your property fast

We know that some of the reasons for selling a house fast will mean a quick sale is often the best route. These sales can be completed in just a few short weeks. However, some situations are more delicate and involve having to navigate important matters such as divorce, probate and repossession proceedings amongst others.

Whatever your situation is our friendly team are just a phone call away. Most importantly, we want to ensure that you feel comfortable in talking through your personal circumstances. Our team of property buyers are trained to do just this.

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What do Cash House Buyers do with your house once purchased?

The truth is that this ultimately depends on the location and condition of your property. Some quick house sale companies focus on carrying out lengthy refurbishments in a bid to sell on for a profit. Other property buying companies look to rent them out for the long-term. So whether you’ve been looking for property buyers in London, Liverpool, Nottingham or Manchester we’ve got you covered. In fact, we cover most cities and towns throughout England and Wales. Unfortunately we do not operate in Scotland (sorry).

What should you expect from UK Property Buyers?

Selling your property quickly should be relatively hassle free when compared to a typical house sale via an estate agent. After all, this is why you would have chosen to sell your property faster via a property buying company. It’s fair to say that standards amongst quick house sale companies have risen dramatically in recent years and with good reason. As a result you should expect your sale to run smoothly from start to finish with complete transparency. You should be made aware of the true value of your property if you were to sell on the open market. At the same time you should also be made aware of the true cost in selling to a cash property buyer.

Finally, you should not be charged any fees at the outset and must not be pressurised into completing on the sale of your home. These are simple rules that all home buying companies should adhere to.


Beware of unregulated homebuyers

As with any industry there will always be those that are happy to break the rules. And often this will be at the customer’s expense. Before you decide to press ahead be sure that your house buying company have your best interests at heart. You can do this by having a frank and open discussion checking that the firm that is buying your house has the necessary funding and importantly experience.

If things go wrong with your property buyers

In most case quick house sales go through without a hiccup. However, as we all know, life is not always straightforward. For this reason it is only fair that you have somewhere to go in the event that you feel things did not go according to plan.

All UK property buyers must now be members of a redress scheme such as the PRS (Property Redress Scheme). As such, regulated property buyers have a duty of care to provide customers with a transparent route to make a formal complaint.

This will begin with making the initial complaint to your cash property buyers via email or letter. The quick house sale company is then allowed up to 14 days to respond with a reasoned explanation of the course of events. Should this be unsatisfactory you then have the ability to make a formal complaint direct to the agents redress scheme. This will be either the PRS or TPO (The Property Ombudsman). These schemes will have the overriding decision over whether or not your home buying company failed in their dealings with you.

Should compensation be payable this will be decided on your behalf and your cash property buyers will be expected to settle this.

Finally, check out our cash property buyers reviews

It’s all well and good reading a company’s website but how do you know that your chosen property buying company has your best interests at heart? By far the best way to check out how a business operates is to look at their reviews. Here you will find the good, bad and the ugly. Any home buying company worth their salt will be rightly proud of their customer reviews and will display them. You can check out ours here.

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