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We Buy Any House in England & Wales

As national homebuyers we buy any house in any condition throughout England and Wales. Whatever your reason is for deciding to sell your property we can help with a professional and speedy sale.

We buy any house

We buy any house any condition

We have been buying property for over 20 years and have seen most things. Our team regularly buy properties that require all sorts of work from light refurbishments through to major structural works. In short, we are no strangers to buying property in any condition and have our own build team raring to go. If you have a property that you feel requires a good deal of work fear not. We will buy your property regardless of condition making is possible for you to sell your house very quick in a timescale to suit you.

We buy any home regardless of situation

However complex your situation is, our experts are on hand to help advise on the best way forward when selling your property. We buy houses in just 28 days typically but can also wok with a timescale to suit you. We can even provide you with specialist solicitors to help complete the conveyancing process. Whatever the situation we can tailor our service to match your needs.

We buy any house
we buy any house

We buy inherited and probate properties

We are no strangers when it comes to buying inherited houses and property as this counts for a large part of our everyday work. Selling a house via specialist property buyers has long been common practice as sellers value both the speed and certainty we can provide. If you need help selling an inherited house or flat our expert property buyers are on hand to help ensure your sale progresses both quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

We buy any property to complete part exchange schemes

There can be no doubt about it. Buying a new build property is an exciting time. First there is the adrenaline of picking your dream house and choosing finishes. Then there is the anticipation of the final moving day. However, unfortunately there are times when hopes are dashed as a house chain collapses through no fault of your own. This is where we can step in.

If you want to part exchange your property without delay, we can become your immediate cash buyer. This can give your new housebuilder the much needed confidence that you have a quick and secure sale in place. And having a strong buyer could even add to your chances of negotiating a better deal on your new part exchange home.

we buy any house
we buy any house

We buy properties after divorce or separation

Selling a house after divorce or separation can be a very stressful time. With many years of helping homeowners achieve a quick house sale we have the knowledge and know how when it comes to selling a property after divorce or separation. From dealing with solicitors, lenders and surveyors we have all angles covered. This means you can relax knowing that we will do everything we can to keep your house sale moving both smoothly and efficiently.

We buy properties when a house sale has fallen through

When a house sale falls through this can cause real anxiety. And with good reason. Selling a house is something most of us will do just a few times in our lives. Before house buying companies were around you would have had to re-advertise your property quickly with an estate agent. The agent would then have to look for a new and willing buyer. The problem was this could take weeks and months again leading to many sleepless nights. By this time the sellers of your new house could lose interest and decide to sell to new buyers.

But as a leading quick house sale company, we could become your new property buyer in just a matter of hours. We often agree to buy properties the very same day as we receive an initial enquiry. This means you can keep your property chain moving and continue with your plans to move home.

we buy any house

We’ll buy any house regardless of situation

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we buy any house with sitting tenants

We now buy houses with sitting tenants too!

Today we help a growing number of landlords that no longer want the hassle of having to manage rental properties. You may have found yourself struggling to keep up with ever-changing Government regulations including new property licences and increases in health and safety legislation. Or perhaps it was the recent introduction of mortgage interest tax relief restrictions resulting in you no longer being able to deduct the interest costs of your mortgage. It is easy to see why many landlords have simply decided to retire from property.

Whatever your reason is for selling a tenanted or buy to let property we can help you exit the market with a quick sale.

We buy houses when you need to relocate, emigrate or move abroad

Relocating, emigrating or moving abroad is a big decision for anybody. Add in the prospect of selling your house or property and it is easy to see how overwhelming it can all become. The good news is we know what this means. You will want to know the best way to sell your property when relocating, emigrating or moving abroad. We can help not only buy your property from you but also advise on the best way to pack and prepare for your big move.

we buy any house for relocation
we buy any house to clear debts

We buy houses when you simply need to pay off debts or loans quick

We all know that finding yourself in a financial pickle is no fun at all and can cause untold problems. Provided you have sufficient equity, selling your house quickly to pay off debts and loans could be the perfect way to bring real peace and mind. This could mean that you are able to settle all of your debts and loans fast and avoid getting into deeper water.

We buy any property UK based, even when tired or with problems

Selling your house with a structural issue such as rising damp, subsidence or even dreaded Japanese Knotweed can be really difficult at the best of times. Selling a problem property via a traditional estate agent to the public is often not the best way. But fear not. We have been helping sell problem properties with structural issues for what seems like an eternity. This means we can buy your property fast so that you no longer have to worry.

we buy any house or problem property
we buy any house to stop repossession

We even buy houses to stop home repossession

Faced with the need to stop a repossession notice we are more often than not able to help. We understand that this can be a particularly stressful time for you as you look to avoid repossession. We are one of a few companies that buy houses quick and go out of our way to help stop your house from being repossessed. Provided you have a minimum 15% equity in your property we can help. And we are able to buy your home in as little as 7 days meaning you could be relaxing in no time at all with your worries behind you.

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